World-Famous Visual Production Company Chooses Marq’s RezoTubes!

Marq Lighting was cited by world-renowned visual production company CG Creative for their central role in making the Isagenix annual awards gala a smashing success. Isagenix is a worldwide company involved in the health and nutrition industry, with annual global revenues in excess of $500 million.

For their annual awards and celebration gala—attended by more than 14,000 associates, employees and media personnel—Isagenix demanded the very best in dramatic visual production. They turned to CG Creative, recognized as a production company at the very top of their field, having created high-level visual/lighting/stage presentations for Microsoft, LinkedIn, Shell and others. CG Creative selected Marq Lighting’s RezoTubes to create perfect, exciting visual effects for both the Gala and the after-party the following day.

CG Creative’s technical producer Thomas Isarin had this to say about Marq:

Q&A Interview

Why did you choose Marq’s RezoTube products?

We were looking for a flexible, high-output and fully-controllable LED lighting fixture. There were a few other items on the market that came close to fulfilling our requirements, but they were either high-priced, not cost effective or required excessive specific technical knowledge to build and use the tubes. The Marq RezoTubes come in handy 5-packs with adjustable stands so we could use them both mounted in the air as well as on ground level with their stands.

What makes the RezoTube unique?

Besides its high output, the tubes disperse their light over a 360-degree angle—equally in all directions. Installation is very easy and with the adjustable floor stands the possibilities are endless. The tubes are DMX-controlled and also have Artnet programming. We had the advantage of already having multiple d3 media servers so we used the d3 to create a full pixelmap and we used video content to control the tubes. “Unique” can be summed up this way: high light output in all directions, easy and versatile installation and flexible control. Put it all together, it spells unique!

Do you anticipate using the RezoTubes in other projects?

A great advantage of the tubes is that they come in a set of five. This can be very powerful since it only takes 16 packs to make a full grid of 80 tubes (what we used) and create a complete “video screen.” It does not matter if it's a 100-person wedding party or a 12,000-person general business session. RezoTubes will be the indispensible component in your design and we’ll be using them again and again.

How did you use it?

We used the RezoTubes for a Gala/Award event that spanned two different nights. The first night was the Gala and we had the tubes slightly angled under our projection screen (120 ft. long). This perfectly filled the gap between the stage and screen and created a beautiful ambient light effect that looked great for the live audience as well as in photographs of the event. The second night was the after-party and we created an upside-down chandelier in the bars. These two vastly different usage scenarios demonstrated the RezoTubes’ amazing versatility.

Was installation easy?

In general, the equipment is very light, easily transportable and extremely easy to set up. Controlling the Tubes is simple and straightforward, whether the system is small-scale or hugely complex, especially with the d3 media server. The changeover time between the two setups was less than three hours for the entire system. Because of the easy-mounting stands and simple connectors, we had more than enough time to adjust our 3D model in the d3 media server to optimize the RezoTubes for the after party, which followed the Gala.

How did you find the collaboration with MARQ lighting?

The collaboration with Marq before, during and after the project was very satisfying and we had full commitment of the MARQ lighting team all the way. They are a very professional, dedicated group and a pleasure to work with.

Project info

Client: Isagenix, Celebration 2016
Location: The Sands Expo, Las Vegas
Event production, content and design; CG Creative Studios

Project team

Technical producer: Thomas Isarin
Technical engineer: Kevin de Been, Bert Kelchtermans
Lighting design: Daan Oomen
d3 Engineer and operator: Dave van Roon, Mark Honsbeek