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SceniQ software is a brand new system that delivers precise control of all aspects of lighting for lighting designers, installers, bands and DJs, like nothing before. It is ideal for both live performances and prerecorded shows. There are a wide variety of control options that facilitate incredibly innovative and exacting live programming or you can design the perfect lighting effects in advance using the 3D visualizer.

Control the show directly from your MAC or PC, integrate control with external DMX or MIDI equipment already in your rig, or even take control wirelessly with your Android or IOS devices.

Whether on a stage, in a theater or used for architecture, SceniQ gives you true freedom of creativity and expression coupled with amazing ease of use.

Control features
  • Get started faster by using preset movements and effects automatically loaded after adding your fixtures
  • Create and organize multiple tabs for fixture groups
  • Create and organize multiple tabs for all of your scenes
  • Customize and edit fading between scenes
  • Take real-time control of all your lights in Live Mode
  • Apply global effects instantly regardless of fixture type
  • Layer multiple chases, programs and sequences simultaneously
  • Use your preferred triggers and controls by mapping to Keyboard Keys, Midi or DMX

  • Multimedia features
  • Access files directly using the included Video and Audio Player
  • Synchronize Audio and Video to light with the included timeline
  • Audio-Source Analysis ensures lights are synced to the beat of the music
  • Use Audio to trigger channels, scenes and effects
  • Use GIF file and AVI files as animation through pixel-mapping
  • Enjoy the freedom to use your preferred file types. Video Timeline displays AVI, JPG, BMP, and PNG files

  • AV Timeline features
  • Create and adjust an unlimited number of lighting tracks with individual timing
  • Easily see when the beat comes in with the Waveform display of your audio signal
  • Get detailed audio information by filtering and displaying the waveform via frequencies or mono and stereo signal separation.

  • Auto/Manual Fade for Scenes
  • Create precise fades between scenes or sequences
  • Easily fade automatically or take complete control of fade durations. Choose from static and dynamic fades, adjust delay times and set individual times separately for fade In and fade out

  • Profile Editor
  • Choose from more than 7,000 existing fixture profiles or easily create the profile of your new light in a few easy steps

  • SceniQ View 3D

    Included with SceniQ DMX control software is SceniQ View 3D real-time 3D emulation software for off-line programming. It is 100% compatible with Windows and MAC OS. Within the 3D viewer, users can render Beam, Wash, Spot, LED, Laser effects immediately. It is easy, powerful and an automatic Truss assembler enables the user to create any stage quickly.

  • 100% compatible with Windows and MAC OS
  • Zoom in from any angle (XYZ) for viewing and design
  • See the effects of your programming in Real Time
  • Ethernet and IP communication (can be used to communicate over LAN)
  • Build your setup quickly from common truss pieces and many other elements already included in the visualizer library
  • Assemble Truss and Stage quickly with the “snap to” builder
  • Real simulation of all common lighting effects. Including Lasers, Beams, Spots, Washes, and LED walls.
  • Accurate rendering of fixture parameters like Gobo, double Gobo, 10 facet Prism, Focus, Iris, Zoom, Rotation, Indexing, Dimmer, Shutter, single color, split colors, RGB, CMY, frost rendering and effects.
  • Import 3D object files (.OBJ + .DAE)
  • Add your own simple objects with the included builder