October 20, 2016

Marq Lighting chosen by world-famous visual production company CG Creative to provide spectacular lighting effects at Sands Expo extravaganza for 14,000 attendees

Cumberland, RI, USA (October 20, 2016)—Marq Lighting (, a powerful new player in the dynamic entertainment lighting industry, today announced that they have been cited by world-renowned visual production company CG Creative for their central role in making the Isagenix annual awards gala a smashing success. Isagenix is a worldwide company involved in the health and nutrition industry, with annual global revenues in excess of $500 million.

For their annual awards and celebration gala—attended by more than 14,000 associates, employees and media personnel—Isagenix demanded the very best in dramatic visual production. They turned to CG Creative, recognized as a production company at the very top of their field, having created high-level visual/lighting/stage presentations for Microsoft, LinkedIn, Shell and others. CG Creative selected Marq Lighting’s RezoTubes to create perfect, exciting visual effects for both the Gala and the after-party the following day.

CG Creative’s technical producer Thomas Isarin had this to say about Marq:

“We used Marq’s RezoTubes for the Gala/Award event that spanned two different nights. The first night we had the tubes angled under our projection screen (120 ft. long). This perfectly filled the gap between the stage and screen and created a beautiful ambient light effect that looked great for the live audience. The second night was the after-party and we created an upside-down chandelier in the bars. These two vastly different usage scenarios demonstrated the RezoTubes’ amazing versatility.” Ooman added, “The collaboration with Marq before, during and after the project was very satisfying and we had full commitment of the MARQ lighting team all the way. They are a very professional, dedicated group and a pleasure to work with.”

Marq Lighting is an independent brand that is owned by music industry powerhouse inMusic, Inc. InMusic engineers, manufactures and markets fourteen different brands of music equipment and software, including such important and influential lines as Numark DJ, Denon DJ and Alto Professional audio recording/performance equipment, among others. What sets Marq Lighting apart from other lighting companies is that Marq was born from a distinguished pedigree of top-level in-house music/DJ engineering, where the exact lighting needs and requirements for those performers are known and experienced first-hand, on a daily basis. What the musician or DJ needs is instantly engineered into Marq Lighting products, without guesswork or delay—a connection unmatched by any other lighting company.

Todd Runkle, Product Manager for Marq Lighting said, “We are thrilled to have been chosen by CG Creative for their world-class production of the Isagenix event. The RezoTubes really showed off their versatility and great lighting performance. CG Creative was the perfect company to create such a first-rate event.”

Marq Lighting has a full line of high-performance entertainment lighting products, with retail pricing ranging from $6.99 to $929.99.

About MARQ Lighting
MARQ Lighting develops and manufactures innovative lighting products, controllers and accessories for the entertainment, business and educational industries. With a full range including moving head, wash & PARs, spots, lasers, strobes, effects in both indoor and outdoor variants and all their supporting accessories, MARQ Lighting supplies cutting-edge lighting solutions to critical users in professional entertainment and commercial settings. MARQ Lighting is a member of the inMusic family. For more information, visit